How To Alleviate Sadness

When we are sad, what exactly do we need to do?
Firstly ask yourself, is my relationship with the maker, the owner of happiness, good?
Is it intact?
Is it proper?
For example, if I am a person who has no link with salah, no link with the Quran, no link with Allah s.w.t, how do i expect to combat the sadness that I am feeling?
I will continue feeling more sad because I have lost focus.
Lost focus from what?
From the reality, the destination, from exactly where I am.
The world, the life on earth is absolutely temporary. It would not last long. We are here to be tested.
If you sit and ponder over it, it will help you to remove the sadness in your life.
Sit for a moment and think, it will snatch your sadness. It will withdraw, it will combat the sadness you are feeling. Just by thinking for a moment, what am I doing? Who am I putting my head on the ground for here?
Because even if everything is going against your liking, you are assured that it is going according to the plan of Allah.
Human being, we feel sad. But a believer is given remedy to that sadness
One of them is, develop your salah. The quality of it. Take your time when making wudu. Take your time. Go to Allah s.w.t. by standing facing the qibla and when you're saying Allahuakbar, you should know what you're saying.
You're saying Allah is The Greatest.
He who has chosen this problem, this sadness to be in my life, is actually the greatest. He is my Lord, I am praising him.
Concentrate in the prayer, take your time. When you complete your prayer, you feel rejuvenated. You feel complete. You feel like you've just had communication with your Rabb. The one in charge. The one in control.
Secondly take your time when it comes with the Quran - the words of Allah.
Allah addresses all mankind, saying o people indeed a reminder or a warning has come to you from your maker and a cure for the disease of the heart.
One of them is sadness.
It is a disease. It is what lies in the chest. When sadness is felt, where is it felt? People put their hands on the chest because they are sad.
Want to combat the sadness? Quran is the remedy.
How many of us take our time to happily, gladly open the Quran - the words of Allah every morning before we leave the home?
Read the Quran, even for five minutes?
Reading the Quran with melodious recitation, see what it does to you - it is different than just reading it like a book.
Do it for the sake of Allah, this is the remedy for sadness.
When you give the Quran the importance it supposed to be having, it combats your sadness without you realizing.
Goodness happens - be thankful.
Bad things happens - be patient.
But never be upset with Allah. These actions will alleviate sadness.

*Inputs are from Mufti Menk - Feeling Sad lecture from Youtube below.



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