Hectic November All Done

Why is it a hectic November you asked?

It's largely because the fact that I've been going on 4 work interviews this month alone and I managed to get many of the things that I should have been done long ago, within this particular November. It looked like I'm lazy and always take things for granted is it? Maybe so. But in my defense, I wasn't able to do those things because of reason that can't be avoided.

The 4 Interviews

I had an interview on October. As you can see, it didn't turn out well because I'm still searching for job a month later. It was for a graphic designer post for a boutique in Meru, near Mydin Meru. I really did thought that I would get the job. But, nevermind about that. It wasn't meant to be.

November came and I got 2 SPA interview and both of the interview was scheduled on the same day. The officer said I was lucky to get called for 2 positions. And I do feel lucky at first. Then when I came in for the interview, then I realized I've made a mistake on when I filled in the online form. I was overqualified for the job as the officers say. For both of the job to be exact.

They said they wouldn't be call up for the job. It's okay. From my point of view, it was a good exposure to me. An experience that I wont get anywhere else. I had fun during the interview. Met new people. The second interview was excellent as the officers was super sporting. The interview was more like a chat session. We changed thoughts on many topics regarding work, the country and others. The officers told me to continue playing rugby if I could because it's a great sport. Haha! 

The other 2 interview was with Finisar. An electronic devices company. I had 2 interviews because I actually failed the first one. They didn't see me as a good enough candidate for the job. Mainly because my lack of knowledge on electronics. But the HR Officer was great enough to let me try for another interview with another department. So this time I studied more for the interview. I read up on what I've learned during my diploma. Electronic parts, semiconductors, fiber optics and others that I could. 

So the second interview started well. The interviewers asked me what did I learned during my diploma, why haven't I got a job although it has been a year since I graduated. I managed to answer those questions perfectly. Then he asked me how to use a multimeter and that was the end of it. Haha!

I totally forgot how to use one. I tried my best to answer him but it wasn't good enough he said. 

I didn't know that he was from the testing department where they majorly worked on testing devices and components. If I knew back then, I could have studied on multimeter. How unfortunate.

It's okay I guess. Maybe it wasn't meant for me. But I did enjoy the interview. It was a fresh new experience. 

So yeah. Still jobless right now. 

The IC and Passport

My IC was broken. The chip couldn't be read when I was trying to register a bank account. So there's the first casualty. Didn't manage to register a new bank account. Told you it wasn't because I was lazy.

A few days later, I went to JPN to renew my IC. Got my number called. I searched for my IC in my wallet. Then I laughed. I left my IC at home. The officer on the counter also had a laugh at me. So clumsy.

At the moment I was typing this, I've already successfully renew my IC and managed to make my passport. However, I haven't been able to register a new bank account yet. Maybe tomorrow.

So, goodbye November. December is coming. Then comes 2017.

Hasnul Adin
Considering to work as an Uber driver. Should be a great way to meet people around Ipoh.

To Utaqha and Back - Tersilap Lirik

On Sunday, we had a family trip to Kepala Batas, Penang. My sister just finished her practical. So, it's time for her to head back to Ipoh.

Her belongings were just to much for one car. That's why we went by two cars. My parents drove the Persona while I drove the Viva. It was great driving alone. I got to sing aloud and speeding all I want. Haha!

I made a video of the trip. Here it is, below. :)

Side note: Pictures were taken by me.

Hasnul Adin
Loves Making Videos

TV Series I Watch

What's better than movies? TV series of course. Other than being exciting and fun to watch (because of the story plot and so on), TV series are also great because the stories are ongoing. Some are going until season 10 or 12. That's a lot of series isn't? 

So here is a list of some of the TV series that I watch.

Note: I'm not gonna explain much about the series. Sorry. :3

1. Supernatural

Seasons: 12 (on going)
IMDb Ratings: 8.6/10

My favorite character: Crowley

Why him? He's not bad ass but he is witty. And I like that.

2. The Big Bang Theory

Seasons: 9 (on going)
IMDb Ratings: 8.4/10

3. The Walking Dead

Seasons: 7 (on going)
IMDb Ratings: 8.6/10

4. Haikyuu

  Seasons: 3 (on going)
IMDb Ratings: -

5. House MD

Seasons: 8 (ended)
IMDb Ratings: 8.8/10

6. Marvel and DC Superhero Series

7. Stranger Things

Seasons: 1 (on going)
IMDb Ratings: 9/10

8. Silicon Valley

Seasons: 3 (on going)
IMDb Ratings: 8.5/10

Others that worth mentioning:

1. Narcos
2. The Last Man On Earth
3. Sherlock Holmes
4. One Punch Man
5. Rick and Morty
6. Mr. Robot

So, there you go. What's your list of TV series? Do share on the comment section below. 

Thanks for reading! :)

Hasnul Adin
A Lots of Episodes to Go

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