Why We Loved Captain America: Civil War

If you have seen the movie, then you would probably agree that Captain America: Civil War is one of the best superhero movie ever made. Put aside the fact that the movie was not a 100 percent as in the comics, it is still very much entertaining and watchable - whether you have read the comics or not.

I was not able to go to the cinema. After watching it at home, I regretted for not going to the cinema. (shame on me). Burt, most of the time I was at the edge of my seat at home. I personally enjoyed the movie from start to finish. The Russo brothers really nailed the movie.

So here's my reason why Captain America: Civil War was a movie to be loved by all.

Plot twist

We all thought that the clash between Cap and Iron Man caused by clash of opinions on the new 'Sokovia Accords' that was introduced to them after events that happens in Lagos that caused death of innocent people of Wakanda. At some point in the movie, we get to know that Bucky was accused for the bombing that occured during the speech of the King of Wakanda -Black Panthers' father.

Moving on from that point in the movie, I thought that it was going to be Iron Man versus Cap and Bucky because Iron Man wants to take Bucky in for the crime he was accused for. 

I was wrong. Dead wrong. 

After the airport fight scene, after the heroes from #teamcap was captured, Iron Man received information that he was wrong all along. The bombing was executed by someone else. Not Bucky. This scene was the game changer for me. I thought that the final fight scene (showed in the trailers) in the movie (Iron Man versus Cap and Bucky) happened because Cap was defending Bucky from being captured for the crimes. But now that Iron Man knew that Bucky was innocent, why would the final fight take place?

The Avengers, divided, fighting one another, misled by an unknown antagonist? Phewww! I did not see that coming.

The fact that we were all deceived into thinking that the final fight occurred because one is a criminal, one wants to capture the criminal and one is there to save his friend really make me just woww! 

By the way, what an emotional ending to the final fight scene, eh? :3

Welcome home Spiderman 

He is finally here! He is home! He is Spiderman!

Yes. I'm excited to finally see him in a Marvel movie. When he showed up for the first time in the trailer, I died. I was super excited. I watch the trailer again and again and again just to satisfy my 'craving' of Spiderman. 

He was magnificent, amazing, funny, witty and energetic. He talks a lot too. What more do you want?

I enjoyed his appearance very much. He introduced himself to Captain when he appeared on scene and that scene when Captain asked him he's from, really cracked me up. Don't asked me why. It just did. 

The fighting scene between him Bucky and Falcon was immense and entertaining at the same time. Though some say that he talked too much that it ruined the scene, it strongly disagree. He's Spiderman. He's supposed to be talkative and witty. 

The Star Wars tribute scene. That was smart. Nailed it. 

Ant Man is back

We enjoyed Ant Man movie very much, didn't we? We were all super excited seeing him with the other superheroes, right? We were pretty stoked seeing the scene where he was on the arrow shot by Hawkeye in the trailer, right? A scene from the comics coming to live on the big screen.

So here is my question. Is it not a big deal? Why haven't I read a single review praising his performance in this movie? Okay. Maybe I haven't read much reviews, but so far I've read a lot and none of them actually gave credit to the characters' execution. 

One of the many reasons why I was hyped up - when Ant Man becomes Giant Man. Another 'I did not see that coming' reaction there. Who would have guessed that we would be seeing Giant Man in this movie. 

Falcon: We need a diversion. Something big.

Ant Man: I guess I've that kind of big.

And there you go. Giant Man on the big screen.

But for me, this here is his best joke in the movie. Brilliant! 

Other reasons

1. Black Phanter was calm and cool. First action on screen and he was bad-ass. But he was also one of the calmest figure in the movie. He was determined and reasonable. Knowing that it was not Bucky who killed his father and it was Zemo all along, he come to his senses and turned Zemo in so that he will be punished by the law.

2. Actions all the way. From the beginning we were served with fighting scene, top actions. They showed us what the characters can do. That they are strong but they would also have flaws. Scarlet Witch caused death in Nigeria. Iron Man make the wrong call. Vision nearly killed War Machine. 

Yes. They are strong. But they're also imperfect. 

3. You got Ant Man vs Spiderman, Hawkeye vs Black Widow, Scarlet Witch vs Vision, Bucky vs Black Panther and Captain Amarica vs Iron Man, all rolled into one. An ultimate Marvel superhero event.

Is it not a good enough reason to love this movie or what?

So there you go, my opinion on why Captain America: Civil War is a movie to be cherished. What are your thoughts? Do share. :D

Thank you for reading!



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