Hati Seorang Akh

When a sister gets married, her friends be like;

 "Congratulation girl. Alhamdulillah. You're very lucky to have him."

 "Wow! So whats the theme?"

When a brother gets married, his friends be like;

"How could you akhi?!"
"Who's gonna play PES/FIFA with me?"
"Now I have to travel alone!"
"Who's gonna stay up with me for sembang padu?"
"I'm gonna be all alone!"
"After this we can't stay at mamak until late at night."

...and maybe many more...

It maybe true, it maybe not. But there are a whole lot difference between a man and a women. I've been thinking about this for some time now after one of my closest friend have made 'a move' towards 'menyempurnakan separuh daripada agama'. And yes, it's a big move.

At some point, I thought what will happen after that? With whom am I gonna do all those things? Sounds cliche. I know. Who cares. 

But that's life. As we go along, things happen. People and situation changes. We will all experience these changes. When changes happens we'll try to adapt as best as we could. Because we can't go back to where it used to be. Might as well we move forward and make the best out of life.

*don't ask when*
*dont ask who*
*i dont know*



  1. carik kwn bru abg. haha. takpun nanti time turn abg "menyempurnakan sebahagian dari agama", buat semua tu dgn isteri. walaupn rasanya tak sama, tp still boleh. hehe.


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