Do Not Be Arrogant

Luqman advice's his son: Oh my son, be humble. Do not turn your cheek up against the people.

What does it mean? Literally, it means don't be arrogant. Talk to people with humbleness. Be calm. Develop your character, your conduct, your speech. The way you interact with people. Make sure that is your key to Jannah, your key to paradise.

When the Prophet was asked about the deeds that would help to earn Jannah, He said: the consciousness of Allah and good character.

So be a beautiful person. Be humble no matter what you have. You can be a very powerful person, a very wealthy person, a very good looking person, you can be whatever but you need to be humble. People would love you when you're down to earth. Don't become arrogant. Don't turn your cheek against people.
There was a guy who was late at the airport and there was a woman checking in the passengers. .

The woman said "You've missed your flight sir. I am sorry."

He said "No. You must open it. You have to make sure that I get on the flight."

She says "I'm sorry. I can't do that. You're late."

Obviously it was his fault for being late. And then the arrogance steps in. Some people who are powerful get so tempted t flex their muscle at that stage.

He says to her "Do you know who I am?" Full of arrogance.

She says "Hold on. Hold on."

So she goes to the PA system and says "Ladies and gentleman, there is a man here who doesn't know who he is."

Can you wonder the guys face and his reaction? Subhanallah.

Don't ever tell someone, who I am? We are all human being. We are all the same, you and me. Don't be arrogant.

And don't walk with haughty fashion on earth as if you're the only person on earth. As if you're the only one. Like you own the world.

You don't need to walk the earth like you're the guy, you're the main man. Like you're the most handsome or prettiest on earth. There would come the day where wrinkles would develop on you as well.

When you walk, be humble. Relax.

If you walk with arrogance and you fell flat on your face, people wouldn't come to help you. Most likely the would laugh at you. But if you walk with humbleness and you fell, people would rush to your help.

Allah does not like those who are arrogant, haughty, proud - too much pride.

*Inputs are from speech by Mufti Menk below



  1. Ouch, if it was me in that situation - I would beg the woman to help me.

    Actually, I've been in similar situation before, I mean I was going to miss my flight as I overslept during the transit hour. Actually I didn't expect I need to change the terminal for my next connecting flight.

    And to make the story interesting, I need to take a bus (that runs every 30 minutes) to get there. And the previous bus just departed. I begged the guy in charge to help me. Fuhh, finally he called his friend to take us there.

    I get the point in your post here, don't be arrogant and people will help you. Thank you for sharing this! :)


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