The Blessing of Salah

How does salah bless you? How is salah blessing you from worldly aspect?

Salah is spaced out in such a beautiful way, such a beautiful way.

One - Early in the morning before the sun rises, muslims are already up. There's an English saying: Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. We are taught early to bed and early to rise is a duty of a muslim. Allah automatically want you to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

If you're a muslim, then the blessing of salah is that you're up on time - you will pray on time, you may sit for a while with the quran, you might say a few good words to your family members.

What time is Zohor? Just after the zenith. Jusy after the sun tilts off it's salah Zohor. It's amazing how the world had kept that time as lunch hour.

Allah does not inconvenience you in any way.

Wuduk - Ablution with water, what does it do for you? Medically proven, you wash your face, you wash your hands, you wash your feet, you wipe your head and so on - you're feeling good. It rejuvenate individuals.

This is the health blessing of salah.

*inputs from speech by Mufti Menk below



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