TV Series I Watch

What's better than movies? TV series of course. Other than being exciting and fun to watch (because of the story plot and so on), TV series are also great because the stories are ongoing. Some are going until season 10 or 12. That's a lot of series isn't? 

So here is a list of some of the TV series that I watch.

Note: I'm not gonna explain much about the series. Sorry. :3

1. Supernatural

Seasons: 12 (on going)
IMDb Ratings: 8.6/10

My favorite character: Crowley

Why him? He's not bad ass but he is witty. And I like that.

2. The Big Bang Theory

Seasons: 9 (on going)
IMDb Ratings: 8.4/10

3. The Walking Dead

Seasons: 7 (on going)
IMDb Ratings: 8.6/10

4. Haikyuu

  Seasons: 3 (on going)
IMDb Ratings: -

5. House MD

Seasons: 8 (ended)
IMDb Ratings: 8.8/10

6. Marvel and DC Superhero Series

7. Stranger Things

Seasons: 1 (on going)
IMDb Ratings: 9/10

8. Silicon Valley

Seasons: 3 (on going)
IMDb Ratings: 8.5/10

Others that worth mentioning:

1. Narcos
2. The Last Man On Earth
3. Sherlock Holmes
4. One Punch Man
5. Rick and Morty
6. Mr. Robot

So, there you go. What's your list of TV series? Do share on the comment section below. 

Thanks for reading! :)

Hasnul Adin
A Lots of Episodes to Go



  1. I only watch haikyuu lol.
    next time maybe you can describe what these shows about

    1. I know I should have. Sorry for not doing so. :)

  2. dah lama tak tgk tv. hostel xde tv :(

    1. No worries. Nanti cuti boleh tengok. All of these series, saya tengok online je. Or download. :)


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