What Do I Watch On YouTube

Sejak kebelakangan ni, aku lebih banyak habiskan masa di YouTube daripada laman sosial yang lain. Sampai aku rasa macam Facebook atau Twitter (2 main social media platforms I used) ni dah tak ada apa yang menarik sangat. I feel like the contents on Facebook or Twitter are dull compared to apa yang ada di YouTube. 

It's not about the medium. It's not about aku prefer medium video lebih daripada penulisan. Aku suka penulisan. Aku suka membaca. Aku suka menulis. Tapi seperti yang aku kata, contents yang ada di YouTube lebih menarik. Mungkin di Facebook or Twitter aku tak jumpa contents yang menarik tu, mungkinklah. 

Okay. To be fair, bukanlah tak ada langsung contents yang menarik di Facebook/Twitter tu. Ada je. Tapi tak banyak. Jadi secara semulajadinya, aku beralih ke YouTube to get the contents yang aku mahu.

Enough chit chat, let's get it started.

Video pertama Mark Wiens yang aku tengok was the one yang dia makan di kenduri kahwin somewhere in Langkawi. 

In that video, I can see the sincerity and the pureness of his emotions or expression yang dia suka apa yang dia makan tu. Aku tertarik dengan reaksi dia if dia suka makanan tu - which is dia akan lentokkan kepala dia ke sisi and gelak or mengekek dengan happy. It's a pure reaction from him. You really enjoy seeing him eating and reacting to his food.

And bila dia makan, dia tak beragak kadang-kadang tu. Big portions. Lots of plate on the table. He really wants to eat.

Right now he is currently on a 'Round The World For Food' tour. He is in Barcelona right now.

Yes. He travels for food. A lot of travel, a lot of food. 

If you're a person who loves food, loves to travel, love to see the culture of the world, definetly go check him out.

Subscriber: 538 621
Videos Views: 114,367,873.

Below is the Malaysian Wedding in Langkawi video that I was talking about. Enjoy.

He is a filmmaker and one of the most popular you-tubers nowadays. He makes daily blog of his daily activities. From buying his breakfast, riding his booster board to work, travel the world for conference or events, flying drones all around the world or playing with his daughter, it's fun to watch him.

I don't know how to say this, but I feel like his vlog is a level above other daily vlogs that you may encounter on YouTube. Maybe it's because of the energy he brings, the positive energy that he shows in his vlogs, you can really feel it. His optimism and free spirit, betul-betul buat the viewers liked him.

He starts his vlogs with a timelapse of New York city then continue to what ever he is doing that day and at the end of the day, he ends his video when he feels like nothing interesting is gonna happen next. 

Antara episod vlog dia yang paling aku suka is the one where he rides first class airplane on Qatar Airways. On that episod dia kongsikan macam mana rupa first class flight on the plane like how was the seat, the bar, the food and the 30 minutes shower that comes with the first class flight. So wonderful. Sampai aku rasa macam I need to be on that flight one day. 

By the way, the seat for that first class flight is a whopping 21000 dollars. Check out the video, here.

He already have 709 videos, a total of 5,667,208 subscribers and 1,261,295,003 video views. For the record, he just started making this daily vlogs early 2015. But, already achieving a billion video views and if I'm not mistaken, every single video he uploads has an average of a millions views. His channel is catching viewers attention faster every day.

His basic vlogging gear.

Fun fact. He is one of the wealthiest youtubers on the planet. He made 2 million dollars for over a year just from making these daily vlogs.

Subscriber: 5,667,208
Videos Views: 1,261,295,003.

3. Primitive Technology

Kalau tak silap, video pertama Primitive Technology yang aku tengok is di Facebook. Ada page apa entah yang share. Aku jumpa satu je video tu di Facebook and I was looking for another for a few days tapi tak jumpa. Nama akaun or orang yang buat video tu pun aku tak jumpa. 

So a year later, which is last month baru aku jumpa YouTube account Primitive Technology ni. 

I'm not sure apa nama pemilik akaun ni. Yang aku dapat tahu, he is from Australia and he makes primitive technology looks cool. 

Dia buat rumah guna kayu, akar, tanah liat. Dia tunjukkan cara mudah nak nyalakan api, tangkap udang, buat alatan memburu dan lain-lain lagi by using apa yang ada dalam hutan.

There's one video yang dia buat mesin menenun dan tenun guna ranting kayu dan kulit kayu. Hasilnya, macam tikar untuk alas duduk dia. Super creative and inovative. Power betul dia ni.

A fun fact is, dia baru set up YouTube account dia Mei 2015. Just over a year and 22 videos later, dia dah pun ada 3.2 juta subscribers and a total of 169,777,682 video views. 

Bayangkan baru ada 22 video tapi viewers dan subsribers gila punya ramai. His contents are really awesome and original. One thing yang bezakan dia dengan YouTubers lain yang upload content yang sama dengan dia is, in his videos, he doesn't talk at all. Not a word. And in his videos dia kekalkan bunyi hutan as background noise/music for his videos. Others Youtubers yang aku jumpa, they talk a lot and campur music dalam video. Langsung tak terasa feel hutan macam dalam video Primitive Technology.

So, have a look. 22 video tu, tak sampai sehari boleh habis tengok dan bila dah habis tengok semua tu, pasti rasa tak puas. Haha

Subscriber: 3,216,936.
Videos Views: 169,777,682.

4. Miller Knives

This here is a channel that makes weapon. Tapi what's interesting is the weapon forged are made from barang-barang terpakai seperti ladam kuda, besi terpakai, spanar dan syiling. 

Another thing yang best about this channel compared to others (yang juga make weapons) is:

A. He made the video fun to watch. 
B. No music. Just the sound of the weapon being forged, hammered and asah.
C. The videos aren't that long. Videos on this channel ranged from 3 to 8 minutes. So you wont get bored. 

Subscriber: 85,519.
Videos Views: 8,159,513.

The one made from ladam kuda.

The one made from syiling and besi terpakai.

Others worth mentioning:

1. TEDx Talks
2. TheEllenShow
3. Dr. Sandra Lee - Dr. Pimple Popper
4. TED
5. Aiman Azlan
6. ColdFusion
8. Nerdwriter1
9. Every Frame A Painting

Note: Asalnya I intended to put 5 or 6 links but then the list got longer. 

So there you go, a list of the channels I watch on YouTube. Hope that you enjoyed reading this update and let me know what's your favorite channel on YouTube. :)

Thanks for reading. 

Hasnul Adin
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  1. hooo, I thought I already left a comment here. Padah betul baca blog masa nak tidur, maybe I literally typing in my dream, not in real life. T_T

    I watch Casey as well! He's enjoying his life so much! Just I was wondering, why he always open boxes harshly like that?


    1. Haha! Typing in your dreams eh? Bahaya ni terbawa2 sampai ke mimpi. Hahaha!

      Casey's just chaotically fun. Have you seen the episode when he slashes a box and it was a macbook pro inside?
      Yup. He slashes the macbook as well. Hahaha!

    2. Yes, I think I watched that few days ago. But, it was not the new Macbook Pro right? He kept on joking that 'naaa, that's my old macbook' isn't it?


  2. I do Youtube because I love to see pictures. There I say it. Hey, goor rec. Totally going to check the first n second rec but the rest weren't really my thing. I always have that Qatar video recommended on my youtube but i never watched it. Going to rn! I love ellen n dr lee video as well!. I like TED but never actually went to watch it into details. I even download ted app. Mehhhhhh

    1. Sure. Totally worth a look. Mark Weins and Casey is just fun to watch. I can't stop watching their videos after I started.

      TED is, a little on the heavy side. So much information, so much inspiration. ;)

  3. I always find myself browsing food in youtube..& i like mark's vids too..make me sooo hungryyyy

    I like primative tech too! Mayb i can use them during my survival days..kekekee...

    The rest im not so into..
    Aiman azlan giving great advices btw,,


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