Memories of a Great Friendship

My days as a matriculation student has given me plenty of wonderful memories. One of the best time I had during my years as a student. Please don't ask me to choose the fondest between all of those memories because I just simply can't and won't. There's too much to choose from and all of it are as precious as the others.

Recently I meet my friends/lecture mates from my Two Year Program (PDT) during matriculation session. I haven't met the two of them for a very long time - 3 years to be exact (if I'm not mistaken). Honestly I hoped that after all these years, they would actually change for the better. I'm not saying that they're bad or naughty as hell. It's just some of their old habits that I though could be improved. I mean, we were boys, now at this point of age, we need to be men. Right?

But, come to think of it, those habits that I though could be improved are the things that made them, them. Those habits are the things that made up all the precious memories that we have together all those years. 

I remember there's a moment when I promise to them that every morning, I would come to their room and wake them up from their slumber. I fulfilled my promise and every morning I would bang on their room until both of them woke up and get ready for lecture. Why did I do it? It's easy. They're my friends and I want them to be good and successful students. I don't want them to be caught not going to classes and have to see them being called by the administration for their wrong doings. That's what friends are for, right?

Plus, I got to see the smear and drool on their face and make fun of them not only when I'm at their room but also in class. So, there's something for me as well though it's not much.

So I think by now you can guess what are among their old habits that made them, them. There are other habits as well, but maybe I shouldn't be writing about it here. Or should I? It would be a lot of fun sharing them and interesting as well. I can't lie about that. Maybe I will. We'll see. *cynical smile*

I also wanted write/share about the moment when I brought one of our 'beloved' and cynical lecturer to their room. It was already late Maghrib and they were still asleep (maybe they were tired of the long day at class). I tried to woke them up but they didn't even budge. Coincidentally, he (the lecturer) was there (he prayed at the hostel), so I took the pleasure to bring him to their (my friends) room. My god do they woke up. It was hilarious! 

We barged into the room with some of our the boys (by some I mean about 6 to 10 of our friends). Of course they were shocked - one tried to cover himself with a blanket and the other uses a pillow. It was funny. It was fun. We all had a good laugh. We laugh even harder every time we talk about it again when we meet up. I even recorded the event on my phone and after all these years, I still manage to keep the footage save with me. We viewed the footage together on our meet up recently and we laugh so hard we almost peed our pants. I thought surely we'll be ask to leave the stall for making such noise. Thank god it didn't come to that.

Remembering those event, sure make us smile. Great memories. Good times. Nothing beats a prank on your friends. But know this, that prank that I pulled was for a good purpose. I'm not bad as you think I am.

Thank you guys for being my friend all these years. We had wonderful time together and we will continue to make a lot more in the future.

I wrote this because it was Mukhris's birthday a few days ago? Or is it yesterday? Sorry for the late wish. Stay safe and all the best on your future. Don't dwell on the past. Love come and go but friends stays forever. :3

To Fateh, please don't change. Be you. You're funny as you are. People like you. I waited half an hour for you a week a go. Next time, please don't make me wait longer because I would and it'll make me hungry. I'm on a diet.

Thank you guys. See you when I see you.

With them after our meet up recently.
As you can see, one is an 'artist' and one is a 'joker'.

Finished writing this at 2 in the morning. It's good the be writing again. :)



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