Changes on Kue Teow and Taugeh

So this morning I bought (tapau) my breakfast from this local mamak stall near my house. It's my usual place of getting my favourite meal - kue teow goreng - because the kue teow goreng made by the cook suits my taste. And the cook already knows me. He knows if I come to the stall, I'll order the same menu - kue teow goreng, no vegetables and extra kue teow. 

So at home (I tapau because I wanted to eat at home watching football) i opened my wrap of kue teow and I started getting mad and I literally cursed (cursed in my mind, it's not good to say bad things in front of a meal) seeing there's sayur in my kue teow. The most irritating thing was, the sayur was kobis and taugeh. A whole lot of them. The taugeh I understand but adding kobis into kue teow goreng? What is the cook trying to do? Is he some sort of 'genius'? I was so frustrated. I was hungry so I didn't have a choice. I'll have to put my gloves on and pretend to be a doctor as I remove all the taugeh and kobis from my kue teow.

So here's the root of the problem - the person who cook my kue teow was not the regular person. It was someone else. The tall and slim mamak who always cook my kue teow was no where around. I've got a hunch early on that this could happen but I was hungry and I was confident that the stall could still deliver if not the exact taste, at least the cook will still use the same ingredients. But was I wrong. 

Halfway through the meal, i stopped eating and started crying. Okay no. That was a bit overreacting. I stopped eating. Yes. I was tired - removing those taugeh from my kue teow made me sick. I wanted to eat. Not doing a surgery by removing the taugeh from the meal before I can eat it.

And the kue teow itself was a total sorrow for taste bud. There was an absence of flavor. It was like the cook was cooking a meal for two but he only use an amount of ingredients for one. I can tell you that it maybe the worst kue teow I had ever had. Me is sad.

So, I didn't finish my kue teow. Halfway through the meal, the was a pile of taugeh and kobis at one side of my plate. 

(I know there will be at least one person who will not be impressed with my determination upon removing all those sayur from my kue teow *senyum sinis*)

Yeah. That happened today. I may not be returning to the mamak stall for a while. My heart's broken. Haha!

Though I still wonder where could the tall slim mamak who usually cook my kue teow be? Has he gone home? Deported?

The mamak who usually cuts my hair was also gone. A lot of changes happened this time around. Better get use to it.

Changes happen everyday in our lives. The things that I've mention here, aren't all that has been happening in my life recently. Big things happen and changed and not all of it suits me. 

This kue teow incident for instant, for the first time I didn't able to finish my kue teow and for your information, it's my favourite meal. But, changes like this can be detoured by going to other stall and try on their keu teow for a change. 

You see, changes isn't all bad. We may be see it as not as comforting as we like, it may not suits our style of work (if it is related to our work) and it may never fit into our preferable. But believe me when I say that changes can open door to other opportunities in our life. If you give it a chance, those changes that happen today, can have a great benefit on you tomorrow.

One of the major changes in my life that happen recently benefit me in having less work to do (less technical work i guess) and more time to think (think tanker). On the downside, I'll have to give up my passion on the things I love to do and the things that made me join the team initially. 

At first, I wasn't able to face these changes but given time and some consideration, I realize that these changes would benefit the team more and I would also be able to help others more than I could before this.

Yes. I am sad for having to stop doing the things I love (people who are close to me knows what I'm talking about) and I can't lie about that. It's natural. But I've decided to move on and it's time to move forward. *sad eyes*

This is a quote from one of my all time favourite book, 'Who Moved My Cheese?' by Dr. Spencer Johnson:

"What you are afraid of is never as bad as what you imagine. The fear you let build up in your mind is worse than the situation that actually exist."

From the quote we can understand that sometimes we overreact when dealing with changes. We tend to imagine things that are nonsense and may not be true at all. If it wasn't there at the first place, why are we so generously putting it there and ended up having a hard time dealing with our own thought, right?

This book is no longer with me. It's with 'someone else' right now.
To that 'someone else', please take good care of the book. :)

Be bold upon changes. Accept them with open arms and big hearts. Who knows what lies up front, right?

Have you been through changes in your life recently? Wanna share? Drop it in the comment section below. :)

Thanks for reading.

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Look at this beautiful kue teow goreng. Yes, there's taugeh in it.
But not a whole lot that you can build a mountain of taugeh on the side of your plate.
Right? And there's no kobis. :3



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