Because Fateh Was Jealous

In my last update, I mentioned that last week I had the chance to meet up with my friends after a long 3 years of not seeing each other. For some, 3 years can be a short period and for some it's the opposite. With us being far away from each other, we rarely got a chance to meet up. 

For these past years, Mukhris lived at Sarawak and he just graduated from Unimas. Congratulations. Very well done. Fateh on the other hand spends his time in Selangor and still studying. He's at UPM now. He's a nurse. Our holidays aren't the same. So meet ups was not likely to happen often.

So during our meet up, there's something that Fateh said that really made me think back about my self. He said;

"Tengok Noi dari dulu sampai sekarang tak berubah. Masih caring dan nampak sifat penyayang dia tu. Aku ada masalah, dia cadangkan penyelesaian."

Not that I'm proud or anything, it's just it made me ask myself, am I really like that? 

He said it. It may be true. Our friends know us. Sometimes they know us better than our self. Like I knew him and what he was like and things haven't change. He still is 'clumsy' in a likable way. He still is the person that can make you laugh even if he tries to be serious. 

"Hangpa gelak apa? Aku serius ni!" he always said that with his face all serious but in the end we laughed at him. It can't be helped. Always been our source of entertainment and joy. He never gets angry when we make fun of him. Although there's this one time when he gets all emotional. That was fun too. Him being emotional was just another chance for us to get to him. :3

I was remembered as a caring person. And I hope I'll continue to be remembered as one. Not only by Fateh but also by all my friends. 

Past events made me a person that put friendship as something to treasure.
*not gonna tell what was those events*

We do not know what'll happen in the future. But know this, I'll always be happy to see you when I see you. 


Actually this update was posted so that I'll remember what Fateh said about me. Kbye.

This was us years back. 2010/2011.

Now - 2016. Us during last week's meet up.


To Nash, if you're reading this, cepat-cepatlah balik. Kbye.



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