A Bomb Exploded Next to Me

So this was my dream today.

I was getting ready for Jumaat prayer. The masjid was already full. People were already seated here and there and I was getting to my spot where I usually sit. My brother was there with me and I know my dad was somewhere upfront. Suddenly I heard an airplane sound from a far. It's getting close and the sound of the airplane keeps getting louder. Then I heard sound of missile getting dropped from the airplane. I looked out at the window and I saw a bomb falling from the sky, aiming at us in the masjid. Things happened so fast and out of no where an explosion occurred at the back of the masjid. The impact of the explosion did threw me a few meter away form where I was initially sitting. I can see bodies lying and people started running for their lives. 

I saw my brother not far from me. Immediately I bring him back to his feet and we too started to ran away for our safety. I remembered thinking of my father, asking myself where could he be. Is he safe? Is he still alive? Should I go and find him? Then I saw my brothers' face. I can see he was very terrified. At that moment I knew that I have to get him to safety. That's my priority. I must get him home as fast I can and I must check on my sisters who were also at home. Somehow, I know that my father is still alive and he would also want me to take care of my siblings first.

As we were walking away from the masjid, I remember hearing people shouting and telling others to run for their lives, get shelter, hide and I can also hear people crying for help. There were damage everywhere. The masjid was on fire. Half of it was totally destroyed by the explosion earlier. Then there were tanks getting closer to the masjid. 

One of the tanks then shot at us and the impact of the explosion was so substantial that I was flew a few meters away. I can feel that my chest are hurting. I can barely breath. There were blood on me. That was the last thing I remembered form that dream. After getting blown by bomb form a tank, I woke up having a hard time catching my breath.

This dream that I had, can be interpreted as a reminder for myself that things like this can happened to us, here in our beloved country. Upon the mass bombing that occurred in France, Belgium and recently in Turkey, here in this beloved country of ours, we are also exposed to these threats. Things like this can happen in an instant without warning.

I can tell you that in that dream, after the masjid was bombed, I asked myself, what can this country do? We are under attack. Can we even defend our self? Do we have the fire power to strike back to those tanks and airplane? Can the leader of our country figure out something to save us, the people? What's going to happen next? These questions make me realize that we are vulnerable and other than being disappointed, I was horrified. What can we do?

Saying that we aren't save anymore is a bit harsh. We have to believe that we are under the protection of Allah. His Rahmah will always be upon us who believe in Him. Our best weapon is our prayer. As a servant of the Al-Mighty, we should continue praying for his blessing and forgiveness. Pray for our country's safety. Remember to also pray for our brothers and sisters in other countries.

May peace be upon us. Be blessed my friends.

p/s: If you're wondering why i wrote this in English, I want you to know that halfway through I was also asking the same question. Maybe the reason was so that not only Malaysians can read this sharing. Thank you.



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