Trip Ganu #2: It Has Been Planned Since Forever

I think it was 2 or 3 years back when we initially planned for a trip to Pantai Timur part of Malaysia. Back then, we were still students. Adam studied in Penang and I, Perak.

Those who know us, knew that although we're best friends, we're totally different person. As the one who's very into travels and etc, Adam was the one who wanted to go for the trip so badly. When he mentioned the idea to me, at that time I wasn't much interested. Because I'm not the type of person who loves to go out and travel. I rather spend my time at home quietly, with my books mostly.

Money was also a huge factor that made it difficult for us to plan the trip. And as our semesters holidays were always full with @alumnikmpk's activities, it didn't make things easier.

But that was the situation for couple of years ago. Time passed by and lot has changed. Ealier this year, the idea came back and this time I was very much interested to go for the trip because it felt like this is the only (and last) chance for both of us to go for a long distance trip together.

We both realize that as we entered this working phase in our life, time isn't a luxury anymore.

And so, we decided to go for it. With only 2 weeks to plan it all, Alhamdulillah, it happened. We made it to Terengganu after around 12 hours on the road. That includes a 2 hour stop at UMP. Or is it 3 hours? I can't recall. But we did manage to go to Big Bad Wolf UMP. He he he.

I can tell you that, I personally had so much fun during the trip. The best part for me was all the time spent together in the car, on the road. All the random discussions, the sembang kencang, the bahan tak habis and karaoke session with the boys, that made the trip worth it.

Hope to go for another trip in the near future. To be honest, it felt like we didn't spend enough time there.




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