Unexpected Educational Trip

On the train to KL Sentral yesterday, there was a Chinese couple, both aged around 60, sitting in front of me. Throughout the trip, both of them can't stop talking and laughing.
Though I couldn't understand what were the topic of their conversation, I can see that they enjoyed each others presence - being together makes them happy.
A 5 years old boy (wild guess) and his mom were sitting behind me. The boy asked his mum a lot of questions like why are they in the train, where is dad and lots more. Then I heard the boy telling his mum that he was cold.

I decided to take a look at him when I didn't hear his voice anymore. He was actually sleeping with a blanket covering his whole body. His mom bringing on a blanket, knowing that his son would be cold on the train - it was lovely.
On the way back to Ipoh, a family of three sat next to me. The father was rather quite, the mom was chatty and the daughter was a high spirited one. The father took effort to make sure his wife and daughter were comfortable enough during the trip. Asking do they want some water or snacks - so thoughtful.
There was a Malay couple that also had quite a story for me to tell. But maybe later.
All of this, I experienced it while I was on the train.
The people that we met and see everyday, all of them had stories to tell and lesson to taught. It's up to us whether we want to learn from them or not.

Indeed, yesterday's trip was an education. :)

Hasnul Adin
Looking Forward for Another Trip



  1. I love people-watching like this :) agree like you said, everybody has their own stories and struggles.


    1. People-watching will always be a hobby of mine. Haha!



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