What To Do When Haters Hate You

What’s up haters? 
*Reminder: Only answer the above greet if you’re a hater. Thank you. :)

How’s it going friendly readers and stalkers? Got anything from my blog yet, today?
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So, today you’ll be reading about how to deal with haters. But, first of all, another friendly reminder, do stop reading if you’re one of the many haters. Still want to read? Read at our own risk!

You just cannot deny that one in a while you’ll be facing problem with haters. Doesn’t matter how, these haters will always find a way to bug your life. Whether it’s in your daily routine or on the social media, haters will always be there to accompany your step throughout the day. You can almost say that they are true and caring (on hating of course).
So, what to do when you came to face one?

There are few simple ways for you to choose from in order to keep them out of your life.

1. Ignore them
Easy right? Just ignore them haters. Why spend your time thinking about people who doesn’t care less about you, people who only want to see you suffer in agony and people who you probably do not know at all. Why?

Sometimes I do wonder, why humans care too much about what others think about them rather than trying to appreciate their self.

When you start to ignore these haters, you’ll find that peace of mind that you have been searching for. You’ll start to have time to do what you always wanted to do without the burden of thinking about what will the haters say about it.

Do realize that whatever these haters say, should not affect your life. It should not affect your relationship with your family, friends and acquaintances.

Ignore them! *talk to the hand*

2. Keep yourself busy with other things
We all have our daily routine, right? Students study, workers work, teachers teach and the list goes on. Even haters have their daily routine. Hating. What about you?

So, just do what you always do. Do not give even an inch of space for the haters to exploit. Fill your day with chores and you’ll be all right.

And why not, improve yourself at what you’re doing. Refine and improve your own life so that you’re so busy that you have little time to think of the critics and haters.

3. Do the things you like
This is similar to the second point, but it is better. How is it better? You’re doing something you like! Simple as that. I don’t know about you guys, but when I do what I like, I really forget about all the other things that I wasn’t supposed to think about. All those rubbish just flew away out of the window. There’s no space for me to think about the thing I don’t like when I’m busy playing games, reading a book or hanging out with my friends.

4. Remember God
Muslims should always remember that every problem/hardship that we face is a test from Allah. He will not test us with hardship if we are not able to get through it. We just need to take the leap and get through it. That’s all.

Have confidence. Have faith in Allah. He is trying to give us something better at the end of this hardship. There is always a silver lining on a stormy day. Just have to get through the rain. Right?

There’s a saying that I like to share, “Think of only good things and only good thing will come your way.”

5. Be the bigger man
Of all the points I’ve given, maybe this is the hardest to follow. A bigger man doesn’t means you have to be bigger that other. It’s all about having a bigger heart. A bigger heart to see why these haters are acting like they are. Maybe they have problems with their life. So, in order for them to forget about their problems, they see you (the hated victim) as a punching bag. Try to see what others see. It’s not always about you.
Being a bigger man also means that you are ready to forgive and forget. Sometimes, it also means that you are the one who have to approach the hater and ask for their forgiveness. Because maybe we did something wrong and we didn’t realize it until we ask the hater why they hate us.

I’ve been there. During my school day, there’s this one friend of mine that hated me all of a sudden. Whenever he sees me, he’ll try his best to get on to my nerve, trying to make fun of me and trying to make me mad. I just don’t know why he is doing it, but for me it has to be put to end. There’s no benefit from this action. So one night I approached him and straight forwardly I ask for his forgiveness if I ever made him mad or did something that he didn’t like. I didn’t mention about the awful thing he did to me. Because that night it’s not about settling scores. It’s about reaching heart and asking for forgiveness. Guess what happened? In no time at all he said that he forgives me and to my surprise, he did also ask for forgiveness from me. Maybe he felt bad doing those awful things to me. I don’t know and I don’t want to know. For me, it’s already settled. Case closed.

This particular experience has thought me that sometimes, you have to be able to forgive first in order to be forgiven. Yes. Because if I didn’t forgive him and had been hating him the way he hated me, I wouldn’t be approaching him and maybe until now we would still be hating each other.

 It’s not always about you. Sometimes it’s about the other person. Try to understand them. Then you’ll find that peace and harmony.

Forgive to be forgiven.

Being the bigger man takes courage and noble heart. A person who does not think of only himself is an example of a bigger man.

So, hopefully these few points and tips on how to face those haters could help you on finding your peace and harmony in life.

Remember friends, whatever you choose to do will always have consequences. Whether you’re ignoring your haters or trying to settle the problem, be ready to face the next phase of the game. Because for every action there’s a reaction. For every step you take, there’s a lesson to learn from. You just have to open your heart and your mind. Look and understand.

That’s all from me. Do let me know of any of these tips and points helped you guys. :)

*Do say your prayers for the people of Palestine. Zionist are massacring them as I’m typing this blog update. We cannot got to war, but our prayers are bullets. Pray to Allah so that our brothers and sisters there stay strong. Jannah is waiting for you. Insyaallah.



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