My Monday Loads - Industrial Training

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.
Fasting or not boys and girls? Fourth day of Ramadhan. A good 26 days to go. Hope we are all mentally and physically well prepared for it. Yes, well prepared for fasting not raya, okay? That can wait.
So, its already July and it's my second week of industrial training. Never thought that industrial training could be this bored and tired at the same time.
No, I'm not complaining. I just wanted to share what I've been doing for the last few days.
Monday. I arrived at the office early with my mind set that doesn't matter which site I am going today, I'll be strong and mentally focused. Why? Because it's the first day of work while fasting. I came to the office that Monday having in mind that I'll be going to a site far away from the office, working under the hot sun while fasting. Yes. I've been to classes while fasting and all, but this is different. The work that we do at the site are heavy duty stuff and I do not intend to tell you what it is. :3
So, I've got myself mentally strong and prepared. I'm ready to go to any site, just say it, I'm ready.
Then my boss said, "Go ask the office if there is any paperwork to help with."
And I was like...

After a few moments. I was like...
This could be fun. Sitting in the office, do some paperwork. Why not. Let's give it a try. For sure I can rest while doing it.
And the next thing I know, I was feeling...
Why? Because the only work to do was scanning some letter. That's all. *laugh so hard*

So, I accepted the task with a mental well prepared. :3 

After finishing my work, there's nothing more to do than waiting for the clock to go half an hour past five and then I'll be heading home.


There's still another 6 hours to go and I have nothing to do. *cried*

Haha. So, that was my day on Monday. Not really a 'working' day, but I still got 20 ringgit for coming to the office.

That's all from this update of mine. Just so that you know, I'm writing this update at the office, using the office computer and internet connection. Bad eh? *evil laugh*

Don't blame me, at least it help me from getting all sleepy and drowsy. ;)

Till next time!

Happy fasting!



  1. relax n enjoy ur industrial trainning.. happy fasting for u too...

  2. ahahaha! Nice entry :)

    Fasting or not, u ask? Noooo I'm not :3
    Well, RM20 for scanning papers. You're quite expensive aren't you? hehe.
    Good luck for the rest of your training.. Happy Fasting!

    1. Mr. Siang, why are you not fasting? rugi meh. hehe

      see the leg la. rm20 shouldn't be enough. should have paid me more. haha



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