The Pain and Sorrow I've Caused You

I still remember when i was a little boy, i got into a fight with my sister.

Then my mother break the fight and tell me that it was my fault.

To my mind at that time, it wasn't.

Feeling sad, a bit mad maybe, i ran upstairs and hide under the table in my room. Then put the chair in front of the table so that nobody could see me.

After a few minutes, I heard mom calling me for lunch. I kept quiet, making sure she wont notice me under the table.

But, she knows immedietly where I was. She knows that I felt sad about what happened earlier. She comforts me.

Thats mom, years back. Today she did the same again. She comforts me.

Thank you, mom.

Sorry for all the pain and sorrows i've caused you.

I love you.



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